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"Um, meow?" [x]


"Um, meow?" [x]

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Animals Stealing Food [x]

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What a vegan says: Non human animals exist for their own purposes and should have the basic right to life and bodily autonomy. In our shared sentience, humans and non humans have equal ability to suffer. Carnism and speciesism are extremely bigoted belief systems indoctrinated from birth. You should examine your role in the perpetuation of such belief systems and strongly consider no longer funding industries that systematically oppress, exploit, commodify, torture and kill billions of non human animals annually. Veganism is a necessary step in the direction to being as cruelty free as possible and doing the least amount of harm to non human animals. Align your morals with your actions and go vegan.
What meat eaters hear: You are evil and I hate you. You are basically hitler and you should just go die. PS. I'm better than you.

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movies with cool concepts but poor execution in writing


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Jenny Holzer, part of her Truisms series.

Jenny Holzer, part of her Truisms series.

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por André Dahmer - malvadoswww.malvados.com.br


por André Dahmer - malvados

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